What is the java script to highlight a Field Label on Skuid with a Colour?

In the past, i have used the below java snippet in Skuid to highlight a Field value. However, now i want to highlight the Field Label using a java snippet. If anyone has the code, can you please share it?

var field = arguments[0],
value = arguments[1],
$ = skuid.$;
// do CSS stuff here…
field.element.css({‘font-weight’: ‘500’});
field.element.css({‘border-radius’: ‘5px’});
field.element.css({‘font-family’: ‘Lato , sans-serif’});

Hi @Vishwas_Rajeevalocha, this is Skuid v1 correct?

If you haven’t already, when you preview the page, you can use the element inspector in the browser console to find the correct css class to target in the snippet. Here’s how that works in the Chrome browser.

Keep in mind that the page CSS might change in the future (for example if Salesforce makes a CSS change) in which case the snippet will need to be updated to reflect the new style rules.

NB for those using Skuid v2 - you can control this through the Design System and conditional style variants.

Hi @Anna_Wiersema ,

Thank you so much for sharing this information. This is very helpful. Thank you.

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