What happened to the "Do no run template on each row option"?

I just noticed the “do not run template on each row option” is not available in the latest release for the template component. What happened to this?

Referring to no 6 in the screenshot below

It’s missing now…

I’m on version 7.36 and 8.11 and see this option. What version are you on?

There is a difference between a template field and a template component. Template fields only apply to a single row by nature. Template components can apply to multiple rows. It looks like you are setting up a template field, not a template component which would explain the different options.

I am having an issue with “Do not run template on each row”. If I uncheck it shows a line for each record with name and text merged.

If I check the box, 1 line line shows as expected without the merged name (Bill Fox).

If you have a row with multiple rows, the component won’t know which row you want the info from unless you specify it with your merge syntax. Something like {{$Model.MyModel.data.0.Name}} . So I think you will either have to create a model that only has a single row and then set the component to run template on each row, or use a merge syntax that indicates what row from a model you want to pull from.

Thanks Raymond. Do you see a reason why this wouldn’t work?

I think it is because you are referencing the model Phone_List_Person , but because you checked “do not run template on each row” it isn’t running it on any rows. The template component doesn’t default to row 0 (the first row in a model) when you deselect that button. You need to define which row of model Phone_List_Person you want the merge to come from. So something like {{$Model.Phone_List_Person.data.0.Connected_Member_DNA__r.Person__r.Name}} That would tell it to merge in the Name of the Person from the first row of the Phone_List_Person model. If you want information from the fourth row of the model, you would replace the zero with 3.