validation rule error messages

I have several active validation rules on the opportunity object. When using a SKUID wizard, the validation rules accurately prevent me from saving without entering the necessary info, but SKUID is not giving the user any feedback. The SF validation rule error messages are not appearing. I would like them to appear at the top of the screen like standard SF. Thoughts?

What version of Skuid are you running?  Look at Get the Latest Skuid Releases & Everything That Came Before and install the latest release.  I believe it should take care of the problem for you. 

Hello Rob,

I’m using 6.8.7 and I have the same problem.

How to reproduce:

- Create a validation rule
- Create a skuid page with a Field Editor
- Hide the Save/Cancel buttons
- Create a Page Title and add a button called Save
- Use the action “Save model”

So far, the best way I found is to use “On-error action” but I can return concrete error message to the user.

Any idea?


Latest Skuid release is 6.8.20 and you can find it here :


I’m having an issue with a wizard as well. The validation rule shows after the final page (submit button) and while the general error message is showing, the error code from the validation rule is not showing. I’m running the latest Banzai release. Any ideas?

Ah…found that this wasn’t showing because there wasn’t an appropriate component on the page to show the error. The validation was to ensure that there was at least one image uploaded and the page only had image uploads. When I changed the validation rule to show on a field and added the fields in a field editor, then it showed on the page. It still didn’t show on the page with the fields in a field editor until I had the validation rule show on the field itself.

Validation rules are not showing error messages. Rockaway point release 5, production environment on Summer 16 doesn’t matter if top of page or on a field that it on my page layout. I have salesforce header and sidebar turned off on this page.


I am unable to reproduce this error … If you upgrade to release 6, does it resolve the issue? I’m sure they are but are the validation rules active? Are there other things on your page that could be blocking the error messages or de-activating the validation rules? 


Hi Karen, we were just unable to save and didn’t know why. When we deactivated all the validation rules the save starting working. We did eventually get an error message to show up, from a workflow rule error. But the errors from the validation rules never did, whether they were set to show top of page or on one of the fields on the layout. Not sure what would be blocking the error messages. I’ll let you know if update 6 fixes things.

Hi Jack,  Did this ever get resolved?  I’m having a similar issue where the process builder flow error shows up instead of the field level validation.  Just posted here with screenshots:

Hi Jared, I’m not sure. We haven’t run into it in a bit. 

I’m using the new 11.0 release and not getting appropriate validation rule feedback; definitely would like to see if there is a solution!

We are also experiencing an issue where validation rule errors are not being displayed to the page. We use a pagetitle component to display messages through javascript and have the exact same code and page correctly displaying the errors in our non Millau updated org