Using Page includes in Wizards

We have built all of these pages for our application processes which are pulled into tabs via page include. We would like to used the same pages in a wizard for first time applicants to walk them through all the relevant fields. How should we approach this?

Thad, Have you checked out the tutorial on using the wizard component. I suspect you could use page includes to pull your already existing pages into a wizard page.

Hello, Yes. I used the tutorial to get started. For some reason my page includes don’t seem to be working, but they work just fine when used in a tab set. Do I need different parameters? What is showing up…

Two possibilities: 1. Is your “ContactInformation” page in a Module? If so, there is currently a bug for Page Includes when the included page is in a Module, which we’re working to fix. 2. There may be some confusion / conflict between the URL Parameters being passed to the outer-most page, and the parameters being passed in to the included page.

No. They are not included in an module. I am guessing we have parameter confusion.

The short answer is that this works. You just need to make sure that the model names in all of your pages are different.

I’m having trouble using Page Includes in Wizards - i have two page includes, and I only ever want the user to see one. Which one they see is determined by the first step on the wizard. That step sets the Opportunity Record Type, and then based on that record type it will show the appropriate page include. 

The problem I’m getting is that one, or both, of the page includes loads on page load, even though they are set to Lazy Load. Since they are looking for the ID from the Opportunity created in Step 1 of the wizard, which is being passed into the page include via page parameter oppId, a big error shows up.

Any ideas? I tried removing all my pages from modules, didn’t work.

I ended up just conditionally rendering various “Next” buttons on my first page, with each one redirecting to a specific Visualforce page that contains the right skuid page.