User permissions for Send Email SFDC action

I am using the Salesforce Data source action: “Send Email” to send notifications to users based on actions they take in Skuid. However, the emails only seem to work for certain users. When this action is triggered by some users, the email is never delivered (all tests have used the same recipient address, so the issue doesn’t seem to be an invalid email). The strange thing is that the network request for the action always returns with a success status. Is there a user permission that needs to be activated for the sending user in order for the emails to be delivered successfully? Or some other setting I’m missing?

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Hey @Elena_ONeil !

Looking into this now, but first, can you confirm the user permissions(i.e: what are the permissions set to for the one’s not sending the emails vs the ones that are)?

My hunch is that it’s a permissions issue.

Also can you confirm the deliverability settings in SF setup?


Hi Jeremy,

That was my assumption as well, but I have not yet found any difference between the permissions assigned to the users - they are assigned to the same profile and permission sets.

Deliverability settings are set to All email access level, all Email security compliance settings are enabled, and TLS settings is set to preferred.

@Elena_ONeil interesting.

Question, does these users receive emails from Salesforce that are NOT generated via Skuid?

Yes, my email address was set as the recipient for the email and I get other Salesforce emails and Skuid emails triggered by other users. The issue seems to be with the user triggering the email - for one particular user, the email never gets sent. The email action api request returns a success code, but the recipient (me, an admin) never receives the email and it doesn’t show up in the salesforce email log.

thanks for the awesome information.

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thanks my issue has been fixed.