URL Parameter Condition for custom object

I’ve gone through the tutorial several times and searched the forum to no avail…

I’m creating a detail page for a custom object and see how to create the URL Parameter if the url matches the format in the example.  The URLs for my custom object are different and I can’t figure out how to modify the Condition Properties appropriately.

My custom object URLs look like this:  https://na34.salesforce.com/a0661000001rrId instead of having an Id= in the URL as the examples do.

Thanks for the help!

When using standard layouts the URL structure you see above is how you get to individual records.  (The # after “com/” is the ID of your custom object)
In order for skuid to be used instead of the standard layout you will need to create a VF page that makes an override.  After this is done your URL’s will look somthing like


There you see the id URL parameter - which is used to create your condition. 

Before you do your page overrides, you can use the page preview fucntion in skuid to see your detail record pages.  If you have the URL parameter condition created for your page when you select preview,  you will be asked to find a record.  You can use the type ahead, or click through to use a search table and find a viable test record.  

Hope this helps.