Upload Attachment Button update description field workaround


The ability to update the Description field using the File Upload button’s action framework no longer works.   Does anyone know of a workaround to update this field on upload.

I tried applying actions “after upload” but it is unclear on how to specifiy the files that were just uploaded.   The number of files uploaded at one time range between 1 - 3.   If I apply an update action after upload as is, it will update all Descriptions for all attachments for that object.

Any suggestions or special coding would be greatly appreciated!   Currently on Skuid 12.0.8 using v1 pages in Salesforce classic.

(this has worked great for over a year, recently stopped working a couple of months ago)


This sounds like it’s related to https://community.skuid.com/t/apex-data-source-action-executes-many-times-in-spark-12-0-7…
which has not been addressed by Skuid as of 3/25/19.