Toggling Calendar Sources

I have a master calendar page that is utilized by users across our organization (SFX w/ Edinburgh This calendar has many sources that may or may not be relevant to different users. I would like to create a “toggle” function that would turn off or on the sources that appear (and in turn query for performance purposes) on the calendar. Ideally using a button set or possibly a filter set. What would be the best way to accomplish this? My first thought would be to add conditions to each model that would result in basically returning no query results and toggle those conditions on and off, thus nothing would appear on the calendar. Would love to hear any other suggestions. Thanks!

I think your suggested method of implementation is the most straightforward way to make this work.

If people are toggling off/on different categories a lot, you could perhaps try to do something like if the model is already queried, use javascript to effectively deactivate/reactivate rows in the model so the model doesn’t need to be requeried with each toggle; something like moving the rows to a temporary model when toggled off and then moving them back when toggled on for instance, or maybe moving all the event dates for each row into a “temp date” field when toggled off and then moving them back to the standard date field when toggled back on.