TEXTAREA expand size

How can I get a textarea to expand?  The text goes outside the field instead of expanding.

I am having a similar issue where rich text components don’t word wrap and instead spill out to the right of the component.

Hello Raymond,
Is it a case of Skuid CSS not supporting the expanding area?  Do you know who provides the text editor?  I can not imagine anyone not have this requirement.  Can you?


I haven’t personally seen your issue where the text field does not expand. I reported the word wrap issue to Skuid. Not sure if they are planning to fix it or not. I would assume that no one would want the text to bleed out of the designated area in either case. I haven’t seen anyone else report your issue. Maybe check to make sure your themes are up to date and make sure you don’t have any css that you added to the page or theme that may cause the issue.

Thanks Raymond.  That was it my css was conflicting.