'Tabbing' through table and skip checkbox and row action icons

We recently updated to “Rockaway Point Release - Iteration 12 Release # 8.15.10” from
“Banzai - Update 9 Patch 2 Release # 7.36.8” which has been a bit buggy for us.

The latest issue is tabbing through tables. Prior to this release if a user would tab through a table it would skip over the check box and row actions however now it selects them. I can see how in some instances this would be helpful, but from a data entry standpoint it doesn’t work. Is there a way to change this?

I’ll investigate this for you.

Thank you!

What other issues are you experiencing in updating from 7.36.8 to 8.15.1? Also, the latest is 8.15.15. It has some fixes from 8.15.1, though not pertaining to table tabbing.

I am hesitant to update to the latest version until I feel like the org is a bit more stable. I outlined two of the issues we experienced below.

-Render issues 
–One issue I am not sure how this could happen but after the update one of the conditions which was based on if a model had rows, changed the model it was looking to.
–We have a popup up to create a new record. Based on the record type chosen (displayed as a picklist with out a ‘none’ option) certain fields are displayed. Prior to this release the other fields would display when the popup was first displayed  after the release you had to toggle between record types to show the other fields. 

It’s true that row actions weren’t in the tab order from the Banzai release, and are in the current one. This was implemented in order to support keyboard Accessibility requirements. It’s not possible to disable declaratively, and hoping this doesn’t impact your workflow adversely.

Hi Tami,

Don has asked me to take a look at your rendering issues:

1. That does sound quite strange–for this issue, is it possible to change the model back? Have you seen any other models change?
2. Do you think you could post a screenshot of your popup, the record type dropdown, and the rendering conditions you have on the fields? Sometimes you need to target a specific record type field…

Could anyone provide an update on this? I’m working on a big table for a data entry solution. I like the ‘Toggle edit mode on selected rows’ feature, but it’s not that useful if users have to tab over non-data-entry elements.