"Tabbing" on Lookup field makes field empty

When you type a value into a lookup field and hit tab, it clears the value from the field. In order to select a value from a lookup field you actually need to type it out and then click on what you’d like from the selection. This has been causing a lot of UI confusion and hassle for pretty much every user of our system. The assumed functionality is that if you type something out into a lookup field and hit tab, the item matched should remain populated in the lookup field. Is there a way we can make this happen?

(really it’s not just tab, but rather when the field loses focus it should maintain what is typed / fill in the item matched from what is typed)

Hi Mark,
Thank you for taking the time to describe the issue. I understand what you are saying, so if you type the complete value and tab out, it would be convenient if the value was selected. We run some tests and it seems like you have to select the value - either by clicking on it or use the arrow down and hit enter. Until you actually made the selection, the field is not populated. Once the value is selected, you are able to tab out or loose focus of the field in another way. Please let me know if you have further questions about it. Thanks! Luzie & team