Tab Set Tabs Overlapping

Some of our end users are experiencing issues with Tab Sets - The tabs overlap each other and are formatted oddly.

They are using Chrome as their browser. I’m also using Chrome but don’t have the issue.

Anyone else run into this? Any ideas?


Is it like this situation? Are you able to see what the end users are seeing when you log in as them? Is it any different if the end users log in on a different browser? 


Hi Karen,

I didn’t even see that - I actually work at the same org as Joe. 

I’ll have our end user log in using another browser and see if it changes.

Thank you!

Had my end user log into SFDC using Safari, and the tabs were fine. Very, very odd. Again, I’m using Chrome and have no problems. Also, if I log in as that user on my Chrome browser, the tabs are fine.

Very strange indeed … What happens if they log onto your Chrome browser? Are all of you on the same version of Chrome? 

I wanted to follow back up on this. Our tab sets are overlapping for some users and not others. The problem has recently gotten worse, and it’s almost debilitating. Is there anything we can do or try on our side?

Another Screenshot.

Like this problem?

It looks to be a strange browser problem. We’re trying to get as many specifics on the problem as we can

Ah, yes. Same exact problem, I work with Joe - Didn’t see that thread. Let me know what information I can provide to help.