Skuid Table Rendering in Lightning

The image below shows the bottom pageination of a skuid table rendered from ‘preview’ from the builder.

This image shows the same table rendered on a lightning page via the skuid lightning component. Note that pageination is not rendered correctly.

Any idea how to fix this on Lightning Pages?


I see this randomly happen as well. 

What version of Skuid are you on? Can you copy and paste the page’s XML for me to take a look at? The simpler and shorter the XML the better.

skuid version 11.0.6

Here is the xml

<p><span style=“font-size:18px;”><strong>Harris Hawks</strong></span></p>

<a href=“{{{Id}}}/view”>{{{Name}}…;

This XML returns as Invalid XML when I put it into an org. It’s also composed of only custom objects and isn’t viewable outside your org. 

Are you able to replicate this in a page that doesn’t use custom objects and fields?
Are you able to copy and paste this XML into your own org and make the page work?

I don’t see your xml. Did you forget to post it?

Anyway same problem with contacts and standard fields. (See below). The table rendered in Lightning using the skuid page lightning component:

Here is the xml:

Have you updated your out of date themes?

Stephen, we also have experienced this issue in Lightning. 

Version 11.0.5 with up-to-date themes. 

We have updated our themes on the sandbox where we hit this.   I’m updating the themes on the developer org where I’ve created the small test case.   It’s been running for a while I’ll let you know when it’s done.

I haven’t been able to replicate this in 11.1.10 - even using the exact XML as above

Updating the theme’s didn’t address the problem.

I’ll try upgrading to 11.1.10

Nope still happending on 11.1.10 in my developer org environment as well as our client’s sandbox which is also on 11.1.10.

Please check your email for a response from me to take a look into your org to try and see what is happening

Not sure what happened but tables are working now!   For a little while after Summer '18 upgrade everything was completely broken.  It’s working now AND tables are rendering correctly.    WooHoo!  Thanks!

Just checked.  Still borken in Spring '18 / working in Summer '18