returning true when not on force site

I’m getting = true, despite not running on a force site.

We’re running 10.0.27.

Seems like this started with the recent salesforce release.

Thoughts? Workarounds?

Hey Matt, thanks for reaching out. Uff that’s tricky being on an older version of Skuid when changes to Salesforce come.

Can you share more about the impact and priority here?

I tried it out in Edinburgh - created a v1 page, hit page preview, and in the console = false. Is this returning true for you? If not, let me know more about how you’ve deployed the page and how you’re using runningOnForceSite.

When you have time, I definitely recommend installing the latest version of Skuid in a sandbox and testing your pages there. There may be be some slight changes, but v1 has remained pretty stable through the years. Since Salesforce is always changing, upgrading Skuid is key for app stability.

Here’s best practices for upgrading: