Skuid page builder and admin pages not loading


I’m not sure what the issue is here - one of our orgs cannot access any of the Skuid authored pages (e.g. page builder, themes, deployment, etc). I’ve granted login access.


Posted org id to support email - thanks!

Thanks Louis, one of our engineers is taking a look at this right now.

Hey, Louis. I see the issue, and it’s a bug in Skuid: the apostrophe in “Scotty’s Little Soldiers” is causing an error. We’ll get the issue patched up ASAP, but one thing you could try in the meantime is to re-label that App something without an apostrophe (Setup > Create > Apps).

Good catch! Cheers. I’ll rename it for now. Ta!

The issue with apostrophes in SF App labels has been resolved in Banzai Update 6, now available from the Skuid Releases page.