Skuid not saving all fields

Defect/Issue Description:
When record is saved from Skuid page that runs a skuid wizard not all fields reliably save. Our clients end users are reporting that all other fields on the screen save, but 1 or 2 will not have their values stored to Salesforce.


  • API Version: v1
  • Release: Dubai Update 2
  • Release version: 15.2.9
  • Platform: Salesforce

Brief Summary of the Defect/Issue:

The skuid solution in this case runs on an iPad in the chrome browser. The user interacts with the Skuid wizard stepping through multiple groups of questions doing a medical examination for a patient. After each step in the wizard we save the object record and field inputs from field editors. The client finds that when they go to review the exam record after the fact that fields are missing values. The button in the wizard prevents them from moving on without capturing a value in all fields, but one of the fields comes in without values even though all other fields on the page got saved.

Action Performed:
See above

Expected Result:
If you save the model with changes all fields on the screen should save to the database.

Actual Result:
Only 14 fields got saved to database instead of 15. One was blank upon exam completion. Which requires the doctor go back and complete it again which causes a lot of user frustration for our client.

Hey Jeff, thanks for reporting this. That is frustrating!

What object are the fields on? Do you know if any of the fields that aren’t saving have validation rules / automations / flows or anything attached?

If you’re able to reproduce the issue with a standard object on a simple test page, that would help us diagnose the issue more quickly. Here’s tips to create a good test page.