[Skuid Mobile]how to navigate on pages inside the page panel using js

i need to specify a record type design for each record type. I can’t seem to do it just using the builder. Already have an initial solution for this, by URL redirect to a visual force page(the VF page handles the logic for record type assignment depending on the record type name), but when the page is transferred from sandbox to prod, we will need to change the domain of each URL redirect which is pretty heavy. So i thought of using JS, to handle the logic of redirecting a page to another page. i already manage to get the record type name and Id of the record i clicked. i can’t seem to find out on how will i be able to jump from a page to another page.

Slightly different idea: You could probably store the domain in a Salesforce object field, then bring it into a Skuid model and use merge syntax to reference the domain in your redirects. That way you would only have to update the domain name once in your Salesforce field when you convert to production and all of your redirects will reference the new updated domain.

If i’m not mistaken, what you are saying is creating a field on each object and populating it with the domain name? or creating a custom object that contains the domain and associating it to a model?

What I have done for things like this is created a custom Salesforce object called “page settings”. I then create fields on that object that store test strings or picklist options that I want to use in merge syntax in my skuid pages. For a given page I then pull in the field that contains the text string I need into the model and use it for my merge variable.

but only one model is available per deck. let’s say i have a list of accounts(account model) that’s already 1 model, inside that deck is the URl redirect… For me to able to merge the field in the “page setting” object i need to associate it with the first deck which already has the account model.

Sorry, I didn’t pay attention to the fact that you were using mobile composer. There may be a work around that Zack pointed out here where you build a page in the standard composer and copy over sections of XML to Mobile Composer. https://community.skuid.com/t/mobile-builder-models-have-no-model-actions You should also be able to hack the XML in mobile composer and potentially insert your merge syntax, but I’m not sure exactly how that would work. I haven’t build using much complexity in mobile composer, so I can’t lend much assistance at this point.

I think, I’ll give that a try. Thank you very much!

I don’t think this would work, the record type handling of skuid is based on page assignment. Thank you for the ideas.

Manage to redirect by using location.replace(); and manipulating the string of the URL, although we are jumping from page to page so we decided to create a page and reder fields depending on the record type.