Skuid makes Agile Accelerator amazing!

We love the Salesforce Labs Agile Accelerator app, a free comprehensive project management tool from the App Exchange:

There’s a lot of pretty awesome Visualforce pages included there, but there’s also a couple places where it’s severely lacking, in particular relying on list views for the Work object, and not having any way to see all records for the Task object. . Immediately we set to work building skuid pages to support our use of Agile Accelerator - and we’d like to share those pages back with the community!

Some of our key ‘user stories’ for improving agile accelerator with skuid:

  • be able to look at all user Stories sorted by Product Tags and make mass updates and edits
  • be able to see all the Tasks that I have to do today, and what priorities are there

There’s a lot more that these pages help accomplish, but those are two of the key ones.

Note: in order to avoid an error, you’ll need to add a custom field ParentTask__c on the ADM_Task__c object that is a lookup to ADM_Task__c

First is the main page that can replace the Work custom tab. In particular, the tab for Product Tags on this page is super helpful for quickly creating new User Stories and new Tasks, moving those User Stories up or down the Backlog and Backburner ranks, and assigning to Sprints.

Next is a Mobile page to manage our daily tasks - we use it on desktops but we went with the mobile builder just because the Card/Deck concept works so well. Note: The Work page includes a tab called “MyDay” that is a page include for this mobile page.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                              User Story <a href='/{{{agf__Work__r.Id}}}' target='_blank'>{{agf__Work__r.agf__Subject__c}}</a>{{#ParentTask__c}}<br/><b>Parent Task: </b>{{ParentTask__r.agf__Subject__c}} <em>{{ParentTask__r.agf__Assigned_To__r.Name}}</em>{{/ParentTask__c}}    Assigned To                  agfADMTask             agfADMTask                 {{{Name}}} {{Id}}       {{Id}} {{agf__Subject__c}}                                User Story / Bug <a href="/{{{Id}}}" target="_blank">{{agf__Subject__c}}</a>      Product Tag   Assigned To      Sprint Rank    Tasks Completed {{agf__Assigned_To__r.FirstName}} ({{agf__Actual_Hours__c}})                                                            

Jack.  These are awesome.  I’m sorry our community doesn’t have a file upload capability.  But maybe you could create a page pack of these custom pages and we could put it in our Github repo.  

once again - thanks so much for sharing!  A wonderful gift for a Friday. 

Skuid has held my hand as I’ve crossed the line from admin to developer, probably time to set up my own GitHub!
In the meantime, I built a page pack for the two pages, then downloaded the file, which you can get here:

Personally I’ve had trouble installing pages from a downloaded static resource this way, but I probably just didn’t get the file type right or something. 

Totally Agree! I’ve been using it for about a month now and it’s similar to my experience to when I started using Skuid in that many things are changing for the much better.

Guess I hit the max post size on the first post, and the My Tasks page XML got cut off. Thanks Pat for letting me know.

here 'tis:

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Closed Ready for Review                                                                             NewTask                              NewTimeOff                                             <div style='padding-top:2px;float:right'>{{{FirstName}}}'s Day</div>                        Task                            TasksWorking

Cutoff again.

Can’t get it all in one post. Here’s the rest of it after latest cutoff:

agf__Subject__c" valuehalign=“” type=“”>


<action type=“redirect” window=“blank” url=“{{{agf__Work__r.Id}}}”/>;

Backlog - Future Sprints
PROJECT: {{agf__Work__r.agf__Subject__c}}


<action type=“redirect” window=“blank” url=“{{{agf__Work__r.Id}}}”/>;


{{agf__Subject__c}} ({{agf__Work__r.agf__Subject__c}})

Company Holiday
Out of Office



New Time Off


Existing Time Off Records


Is Waiting On To Complete Is Currently TasksWaiting{{{agf__Work__r.Id}}}"/>; TasksWaiting TasksWaiting TasksWorking TasksNotStarted TasksCompleted TasksOnHold Waiting on Another PROJECT: {{agf__Work__r.agf__Subject__c}} Task{{{agf__Work__r.Id}}}"/>; Backlog - Future Sprints PROJECT: {{agf__Work__r.agf__Subject__c}} TasksCompleted{{{agf__Work__r.Id}}}"/>; TasksWorking TasksCompleted {{agf__Sub
NewTask TasksWorking TasksNotStarted Create New Task User TasksWaiting TasksWorking TasksNotStarted TasksCompleted TasksOnHold TasksBacklog NewTimeOff TimeOffLog TeamMembers Teams Work AllTeamMembers AllUsers NewTask AllTeamMembers2 Task TasksOnHold{{{agf__Work__r.Id}}}"/>; TasksWaiting TasksWorking TasksNotStarted TasksOnHold PROJECT: {{agf__Work__r.agf__Subject__c}}

So, that was kind of crazy, and a little disjointed. If you’re actually trying to put together the xml, be sure to remove any &nbs and also the second to last paste at the very bottom remove that render condition because it’s duplicated in its entirety at the start of the last comment.

OR just download the static resource!!

How about the XML in a text file instead.

That would be just too simple…

Just made the switch to Agile Accelerator earlier today…
Jack, thank you so much for sharing these pages! Give’s me a nice head start with Skuid customization.

A huge help is just knowing all of the Object Names and having the basic Models setup and talking to each other.

Seriously, big big thank you!

Also for those using Jack’s pages, if you have My Domain setup for your org, you’ll need to change the iframe url (for his Mobile Page Include) from:

<iframe src=';isdtp=vw' seamless="seamless" width="100%" height="1200px" scrolling="no" frameborder="0"/>

Change it to:

<iframe src=';isdtp=vw' seamless="seamless" width="100%" height="1200px" scrolling="no" frameborder="0"/>

good catch! and if you don’t have mydomain, you’ll need to change that to match your instance, if you’re not on na9… should probably be {{$Site.CurrentSiteUrl}} or something.

Hi Jack, this is great! Do you still have the text file that I could possibly download? I love the Work tab :slight_smile:

Hi Adrian - here it is, but this uses the old Mobile Composer which has been deprecated, so not sure how it will work with newer versions of skuid:

also here’s an updated WorkTab, might have a few updates from previous versions

Thanks Jack, this is great. I will take a look at the new version of the work tab, at first glance this appears more Sprint Driven and as we are still in our infancy using agile, the old view might work better for us as it has the User Stories/Bugs tab. Thanks again for sharing.