Set default values on new row action by formula (similar to Salesforce Quick Action predefined field

What I’d like is an easier way to create child record defaults (more complicated ones, requiring a formula) when creating that record from a parent - which is a frequent process.

When creating a quick-action in Salesforce to create a new record from a parent you can set predefined field values via a formula. It’d be really swell if you could do the same in Skuid as the way I’m currently doing this in Skuid is to create some ui-only formula fields on the parent model and to then reference these via ‘{{$}}’ in the new row action. This is a lot more work/overhead than the Salesforce quick action process.

Screenshot sums it up best!

Let me know if I’m missing something!



(p.s. some validation in the formula editor would also be SWEET - including making sure referenced fields are in the models)

Louis, the ability to use all of the same “Value Sources” that are available when using the “Update a field on rows” action as of Millau Update 2 (11.2.x), e.g. “Field from another Model”, “Result of Formula”, etc., is going to be made available for Defaults on “Create new Row” as of the Spark release. 

Definitely agree about it being a lot more overhead to have to use merge syntax - so we’re changing that, finally :slight_smile:

Also agreed about validation in the Formula Editor, we are planning to improve the UX of the Formula Editor in an upcoming release.



Thanks Zach - this all sounds very exciting :slight_smile: Good luck with the release!