Search Component - {{Id}} different for 'select' and 'return' action

Use case:

  • Search component queries a parent object
  • Return object action - creates a new row on a junction object (child)
  • Select action should default to the return action (it’s the only action on the component)

When I select the row, the action performs as expected - it pushes the parent object Id to the child. When I click the return object action icon, it pushes an id from a different object into that child row.

Possible explanation:

The return object action creates a new row, and sets the master_detail_field = {{Id}}

When I select the row, it sets an {{Id}} in context that can get pushed. However, when I simply press the return object action icon, the {{Id}} in context doesn’t change - it remains the last context id value.

Possible solution?

A note on one workaround:
I could simply select the returned object, but it significantly decreases the usability of my solution. When you select a return object record, it closes the search options. When you click the icon, you can select multiple values without having to search again each time. 

I just created a detail page for the parent object, instead of managing in a popup. Problem solved :slight_smile: