sample questions or practice test for certification?

I am wondering if skuid has  sample questions or practice test for certification? 

Hi Amish,

Unfortunately there aren’t any practice tests or sample questions as of yet. The User Assistance team here at Skuid is still hard at work to build that module out. 

Until then, my best advice to you is to familiarize yourself with the existing components, and complete as much of the current documentation on If you can confidently come up with use cases around each of the components, then you should be well-prepared to take the exam. Good luck!


I passed the skuid essential certifcation last week but I haven’t received any email from Skuid. I am suppose to get email with 48 hours after I passed the test but its been 5 days i haven’t received any response from skuid ?

Hi Amish, 

Do we need to attend Training to appear for Cerfication exam ?
I couldn’t pay for certification, as it’s hanging ‘Processing Payment’…  refer my post

Do we need to use any specific browser to make it work ?

Hello Nepz,
                    i don’t think you have to attend Training to appear for certification exam. By the way, you are on the correct link. It might be a bug from Skuid side. Try to contact Skuid and let them know. They should be able to help you out.

Thank you

Update on link…I just talk to Skuid representative and they told me “online certification has been taken down and put on hold,”. If your company is partners with Skuid, you should be able to register (need to talk to them first) otherwise you will have to wait until they fixed it.