Row actions changing all visible rows

Sometimes when a row action is clicked (e.g. like a field update on the row), all visible rows on that users table are updated at the same time.

There is no reasons why this should happen as these are set up as row actions and 99/100 they work perfectly well.  Could the problem occur if the page hasn’t loaded properly so it hasn’t set the row context?  Any way to prevent these actions triggering until all the page loads?


Very strange. Can you share the XML?

This is the relevant section…let me know if you need the full xml


Yup. No sense to it.

If it’s not too much work, maybe just create the page in question again from scratch?
Don’t copy/paste any xml. Literally rebuild again from a fresh page.

In an earlier release of Skuid, I remember having issues with a page that I couldn’t make sense of. xml was fine… Starting from a new page and deleting the old one worked though.