Rest URL parameter getting metadata limitation?

Hi All,
Im using a REST model endpoint to take some data and make calls back into Skuid. I have 11 URL parameters that need to get passed in order to make the call. When I go to try to get the metadata, SKUID is only asking for 4 of the parameters and seems to let the others be blank which does not let the meta data come back in order for me to select fields, etc for the model. I set up a button on the page to query the model once my salesforce data is entered correctly for all of those parameters and can see that all of them are passing correctly and I get a perfectly good response when the page is previewed. Im just trying to figure out why I cannot enter all of them in order to get the metadata in the page editor. I included screenshots of my editor asking for just those 4 parameters, the parameters themselves, and the data coming correctly in the previewed page.

11! Impressive. You’re not joking around.

Since you’re trying to pass the data into a URL, you might want to try triple brackets {{{}}} instead of double {{}}. You might also need to specify it beyond just {{{firstName}}} depending on how you have your model set up and how your page is designed. They’ll need solid context to be brought over correctly.

Those are my first thoughts.