Rendering condition of an image in mobile composer not working

I have a SF formula field, which will check if a skuid image reference field is blank. This formula field is working, so it returns true if an image is attached and false if not. Based on this field, I want to render an image component of that image, when the value is true. If false anotcher image component would be rendered with a static image. For the image out of static resources, the condition works fine, for the other it doesn’t.

The problem was that I added a class to all of my image components inside my page and styled them. What happens is it creates a div with an image tag inside it. So my styling refered to the first div. While the rendering condition, which was on the image component too refered to the second div. Altogether the rendering condition was working all the time, it just seemed not to work because there was a border all the time.

Thanks for letting us know what was going on!