remove child rows in context of their parent row

User story:

Our scene starts off with a user and a deck component.

Within each deck is a card that contains a field editor with a Yes / No picklist.

Hidden out of sight is a deck (we’ll call this the “child deck”) inside our deck (we’ll call this the “parent deck”). The child deck is ready to be rendered when the user selects “Yes”.

When the user selects “Yes”, a model action creates a new row within our child deck. Our child deck is rendered and a card appears within the child deck. Optionally, the user can add new rows/cards in this child deck.

Now, imagine the user has created multiple cards in the child deck, and for whatever silly reason that a user might do so…as we know users often times do silly things…the user suddenly changes their picklist selection to “No”.

What to do with these child rows/cards…

End scene.

My question for you all is whether it’s possible to remove all “child cards/rows” within the context of their “parent row/card”?

Keeping in mind that other parent cards/rows might also have their own child cards/rows, so if I use the action to “Remove rows from Model”, all rows in my child model will be removed, irrespective of their parent row. Even with the action property of “rows in context” set, all my child model rows are still removed…as I believe the “rows in context” property only applies to the context of the parent row…not the child rows.


I guess my script-style user story was not very fun for anyone to read.

I’ll restate in a more technical way:

Is there a way to control the context of child cards (deck within a deck), so when I execute a remove rows in context action, I only remove the child rows of the parent card in context?

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