Recurring Functionality

Hi All,

How many of you would use this? The ability to set a recurring schedule on INSERTOBJECTRECORDUSECASEHERE based on the same inputs available when setting a recurring Event in Salesforce? Similar to the DLRS package, which is pretty much in every org I’ve ever worked on.

I’m having this developed such that am object is setup to manage the recurring parameters to which a Scheduled Apex Job evaluates the records daily. Upon doing so, a Check Box field called IsToday is set to true.

From there it’s up to you on how make use of the record. Here are the ways I intend to use it.

  1. Create a lookup to an object of my choosing in order to create a recurring Process Builder set of actions. As an example, send out an invoice on the 15th of every month until X date based on the Managed Services Agreement (MSA) record selected. Subsequently, send out a report on the 1st of every month based on the same record. Each would have their own Recurring_Schedule__c record with a lookup set the MSA.
  2. Another use case is setting it up for a group of record to be run based on the one recurring schedule. There will be a picklist field included on the object called Child_Records__c. In it, you’d provide a value to which you’d use in criteria of Process Builder to run on all the records associated.
    Looking forward to feedback.