Recommended approach to re-rendering fields when another field changes - Summer '14

Prior to Summer '14, we had custom field renders that would create a listener to handleChanges and then when the data in Field ‘A’ would change, we would force a render of Field ‘B’. With Summer '14, we’d like to change the approach to avoid using listeners and instead use the event model via the action framework (when row is updated). In our event subscriber, what is the recommended best practice to re-render Field ‘B’ when a change on Field ‘A’ is detected making sure that anywhere Field ‘B’ is displayed (e,g, could be a different editor) is re-rendered? One option is to iterate through registeredLists and call render when we find Field ‘B’ but it would seem there might be a more efficient approach available. I’ve got a few ideas but looking for the recommended and supported approach. :slight_smile: Thank you!