Read-only model field becomes editable after record save

Skuid API version: v2
Platform: Salesforce
Release version: Edinburgh

Hello! I have a model field displayed in a table and the read-only field property is checked.


When I initially access the page, the field is read-only as expected.

Read-Only Field

If I update any row in the table and save the change, the “read-only” model field becomes editable.

Editable Field

There is no special display logic on the field.

Display Logic

If I change the parent record (i.e. quote 1 > quote 2 OR EVEN quote 1 > quote 2 > quote 1), each time I access the new record, the read-only field is correctly disabled.

Has anyone experienced this behavior?


I have replicated this error. Its a bug and we’ll get it fixed. Thanks for identifying the problem.

This workaround may not be acceptable for other reasons, but you can set the “Read Only” flag with a metadata override in the model. This would make all instances of the field in the page be “read only” - but my testing has confirmed that the save action does not “undo” this designation.

Thanks again for using Skuid. Please let us know if you have any other questions.