query results clipped behind page include

I have a popup with a page include which contains a wizard, for users to ‘create a new enquiry’. As part of the new enquiry users need to search for a reference field for a location. This seems to work fine the first 1 - 2 times the reference field is searched, but if the user goes back and changes/edits that location, the reference field autocomplete results are falling behind the page include component. See image below:

The first 3 rows of the autocomplete results are clipped (not visible) and can’t be selected because they fall behind the page include.

Any ideas on why this could be happening and how to remedy?

Best way to replicate this I think is to search the reference field, then click the search popup icon, click ‘cancel’ in the seach popup, and try to search the reference field again back in the page include.

Hi Greg, can you tell me the version of Skuid you’re running?  We did some things to fix this in a recent version of Skuid.

Hi Ben, this org is running 5.21.8

I’ve experienced this in 5.13, so it’d be great to see it addressed in a later version.

I’ve most often experienced this in a the “Set Parameters” popup used with page preview. It was the case that if you searched for a parameter, cancelled the search and then tried to search again - the results showed up behind the popup. See the image below.

But using the superbank release I don’t see the same experience. I’d put the new version in a sandbox and test away…
You can get it at skuidify.com/skuidreleases