Problem with XML Generation for Custom Component in Page Include

I have a custom component that works fine on a couple different pages. We recently went to add it to a page include we have, and the XML generation fails. It seems that the XML end tag for the component is not correct and fails on the dash in the name. I would change this everywhere but how we have the build process set up it would be quite a bit more challenging at this point. I wanted to see if maybe dashes are not allowed for the tags and it is getting messed up on the page include possibly or if we found a bug.

EDIT - If we preview the page include just as a detail without it being a Page Include. The component works perfectly. Hopefully that helps shed some more light.

Start Tag:
<chopemailtemplater__email-templater uniqueid=“sk-1XXmSq-341” model=“Procurement” contactsModel=“ProcurementContacts” contactModel=“ProcurementContacts” contactModelEmail=“Email”>

Bad End Tag:

Im assuming this is the line in Builders.js that creates the XML markup for me:
defaultStateGenerator : function() {
return skuid.utils.makeXMLDoc("");

Hi John. If you’re still having trouble with this, is there a chance you’ve got a double hyphen, or em dash masquerading as a simple dash?

The only relevant limitation I’m aware of are that a dash shouldn’t be the first character in an element name. I see that the context seems to matter (page include vs. standalone page). Is the component something you’re willing to share here?