Print Skuid Calendar in color

I have a calendar component that is working great. The only issue is the events are all color coded and when we print, it only comes out in Black and white. Is there a way to print it in color?

Chad - good to hear your name after a few years. Hope all is well in your part of the world.

Your question sent me on a bit of a rabbit trail. Apparently it is standard behavior for modern browsers NOT to print the background color of DOM elements. Something about conserving ink… We have been using the browser defaults for ever, and I don’t remember ever hearing a complaint. I not sure there is anything we can do.

It looks like the color is printed on the border - and you can use HTML in your event template to have the text in your title print in color… That color should print.

But background? not so much… Sorry.

@Chad_Gill if you haven’t yet, make sure you enable the “print background color” or “print background graphics” option.

This is what it looks like for me whe printing a webpage on MacOS :point_down: