Popup from task table with page include to opportunity issue


I’ve got a task table on a homepage component and I’m trying to add a row-action popup that has a page include to the opportunity (task’s ‘parent’).

Here’s my query in the page include: Id={{{WhatId}}}
Lazy load’s off.

The condition on the opportunity detail page is good.

All I’m getting in the popup is the Salesforce header with the home tab selected.

I’ve tried doing a similar thing in a normal page (i.e. not in a homepage component) and it also doesn’t work. So I’m guessing it’s something to do with the WhatId?

Any thoughts?


Does this only happen when you are viewing the page in the home page,  or does it also happen when you preview? 

If it only happens in the home page - you probably need to create a local version of the “Include” vf page that comes with the skuid package.  ( See the introdution to this tutorial

If it also happens on the preview then somthing is wrong with the conditions.  Maybe the WhatId is not in your model? 

Let us know if this doesn’t solve your problem… 

Creating a local version of the “Include” page did the trick - cheers Rob!

Glad to hear this worked for you…  Cheers back to you…