popup and drawer in page builder to be full screen under properties without having to scroll up/down

This is such a pain in the #$%^&* when working with multiple levels when the underlying page is long. “Scroll scroll scroll … oh crap … just past it … scroll scrolll… damn, passed it again” Several times an hour is so frustrating when I’m otherwise zipping through page building.

I’d instead prefer to see the popup/drawer filling the screen area below properties and no longer have the page height set to the page/popup/drawer underneath. Then I’d make the size of the popup be made clear by simply padding the elements to be displayed appropriately.

This has been a thorn in my side for a long time.  

And then, best yet, if you click the popup, positioning of it and your screen reset.

Would it be possible to place the pop up in a type container and apply the . vh {1} CSS3 attribute with a scroll function?

^^^ BUMP!!! ^^^


yes, please.