Picklist stuck

Has anyone ever seen a scenario where one specific picklist get’s “stuck” - in that, you can interact with the list, but you can’t make a selection from it?

We’re seeing this with one specific picklist, and only this one. It happens intermittently, and fixes itself with no apparent rhyme or reason. On some records it will fix itself within minutes, on other record it stays this way permanently.

Very strange behaviour. Hoping someone can provide some insight.

This is very strange.   I don’t think we’ve heard reports of similar weirdness…

Can you provide a more detailed explaniation of what you can and cannot do when the field gets “stuck”? 
Are there any javascript errors in the browser console when this happens ?
Are you using the standard skuid field renderer or is there some custom code here? 
If you load the record in standard salesforce layout is it still stuck?  (Look here for instructions on getting back to standard layout)

Let us know… We are curious… 

Have you tried another browser other the IE6?  :)  I like to try to repro with another page going against same model/field within same UI context e.g. table or field editor.  Maybe past the page XML in the post?