Partner User not able to access page linked by button

We have a ‘Order Detail page’ which is just a printable page linked by a button on a custom object. It is not accessed through any VF override.
Our partner user receives the Salesforce login page when they click this button, which will not work as it is the full SF login, not the community login.

Sorry to hear that. What is the content of the button link exactly? What kind of permissions are required to see the Order Detail page and does the community login have all of those permissions?

So they were actually able to see the page before I changed the page assignments. Originally, the View page for that record was set as a skuid page Org Wide, but they have a specific page layout they need to see while we work on building out their view page. So we changed their profile page assignment to standard layout. Once this change was made, they were no longer able to see the ‘Order Detail’ page.
The button just links directly to the Skuid page with an ID merge tag. It works fine for any regular SF license though.

Thanks, Stephen. 

Does your partner user profile have access to the Skuid “page assignment” object?

Yes they do