page load query more to specified model limit

As per subject. :smiley:

Interesting idea.

Could you provide us with your use case? The more of those we have for a certain idea, the more likely we are to implement it. Or at least create an alternative method to meet the use case.

hehehe … er … uh … how about when I just want to load more records?

There have been times when a tab for requires two models. An aggregate for a dashboard of charts and another basic for a table below. It would be much much easier to work with one model when using the filters on either component to update each other.

I think I see what Pat is saying… Are you looking for the ability to define a “Query More” method on a REST model? This action could be executed via the Action Framework and the Table component’s “Load More” functionality… Does that line up with what you’re asking for, Pat?

Just in general having that option would remove some limits of models. I especially run into this issue when object with many records could be used for both charts and a table if it wasn’t for this limit on page load.

Also, Emily, what do you mean by the Table component’s “Load More” Functionality? The runtime button at the bottom of the table? If so, then yes, this please until a certain number of records or even all available records are loaded. 

I think I was in a different world when I read your post! I was looking for a specific feature having to do with REST models, and somehow assumed you were referring to the same thing!

So is this what you’re talking about?.. Having an option (like a model property) to specify that a model continue to Load More in batches until all matching records have been queried from DB. And mainly for the purpose of having your charts reflect all data in the DB, without having to use an aggregate model?

I could definitely see a case for that… (when not working with huge data sets)