Page assignments based on device (mobile/desktop)?

Is this possible?

Or do I have to create a different set of tabs for mobile?

We have wanted to do page assignments by device type since we rolled out Mobile 18 months ago.  We just haven’t been able to get it done.  Sorry.  

For now, make a different set of tabs…  And don’t run your detail pages through page assignments,  but rather include the data in a single moble “list / detail” combined page.  Or build specific references to the Mobile skuid pages in URL redirct links.   Its a pain.  I know… 

Is this still not possible? Any progress? Thanks!

This is still not declaratively possible.  You can implement device detection in your VF page wrapper and send the user to one of two Skuid pages (desktop or mobile).  But that’s not exactly easy…

Can you send them to the standard page if mobile, and skuid page if desktop?

I’m pretty sure that if you don’t enable “available for Salesforce mobile apps”  in the VF page wrapper you will get the behavior you want.  SKuid on desktop - standard pages on SF 1.  

What happened is that because we are overriding the New action on Leads with the Skuid redirect page, when we unchecked “available for mobile” the New button just disappeared from SF1 app. Which is fine, we are building a Create New Lead custom tab and Quick Action for SF1 using Skuid, but the standard SF1 version of New Lead would suffice for now so we could save some work if that button showed up. 

Any progress here on showing one page when mobile and one when desktop?

Hey Chad,

Curious what your use case for this would be. 

i have skuid detail pages that have more field than i need to show in the mobile view.  I am using a visualforce override on the view action.  However i want to show a trimmed version to mobile users and the full version to desktop users

You could use the CSS @media rule to hide/show certain sections of your pages by using the display property. 

Example CSS:

@media all and (max-width: 600px) {
    /*insert IDs of elements to be hidden on mobile */ #sk-1bc-789   {

@media all and (min-width: 601px) {
    /*insert IDs of elements to be hidden on desktop */ #sk-1bc-779   {

Thanks! i will give this a try for sure.

where would you apply it on the skuid page? I have a responsive grid encapsulating the whole page, enter it in the css class there?