Packaging an app

Quick question… we have created a new application (using skuid) and wanted to bundle the whole thing up for Customers to allow an install link that includes the required skuid code?

Is this doable and then suitable skuid licenses paid for by us after install?

Hi David - Here’s the documentation for ISV and Managed Packages:

Does this address your question?

The doc Waverly links to describes some of the details about making a package that uses Skuid resources, but it does not speak to the actual mechanism of allowing users to install that package.

A few years ago we investigated and found that using a Trialforce template was the cleanest way to install your skuid solution as a “one click install”. The problem there is that the model spins up a new SFDC org. We did not find easy ways to assure the Skuid package was installed before your solution into an EXISTING org.

The advent of SFDX and 2GP packages may offer interesting solutions, but we haven’t spent a lot of time working them out. The core issue is that your package is going to have a dependency on Skuid, and so it needs to make sure Skuid is present in the org before it moves forward. Theoretically you could run a script that executed a series of Metadata API commands - testing for the presence of the skuid pacakage, installing it if needed, then installing your package. But that’s probably not happening on the App Exchange.

Doing that in a ui is going to be the trick. Let us know what you come up with.

Thanks Waverly & Rob. That is our challenge. We have trialforce templates but as you mentioned at the moment we are needing to ask the client to install Skuid first then our package if they already have salesforce.

Thanks for the advice and docs.

We may actually try and work on a python script to achieve the two separate installs…

Trialforce does allow you to sequence package implementations. I’m pretty sure you can have it install Skuid on the new SFDC org and then install your package. Don’t give up on that too quickly.