oy, my drawers part 2: requerying an aggregate model table in drawer doesn't seem to work when model

Here is some context that hopefully helps explain this (there are a lot of layers): I have a parent object, we’ll call Marking Period, representing school semesters and a child object we’ll call MP Details, representing courses, grades, attendance, etc.

As in the below screen shot the Marking Period table has the MP Details in a drawer component (the tab set pictured below is within the drawer). Within each tab is a table of MP Detail records, each of which is based on one of four models tied to MP Details. Three of the models (Grades, Attendance, and Behavior) are basic models; the Summary model is an aggregate model that summarizes the other three models.

Each of the three basic models – Grades, Attendance, and Behavior – have a model action to requery the Summary model on save. Amazingly, this works when the models are processed server side – e.g., I can enter and save Grades records, then click the Summary tab to see the updated aggregate – but when I switch to client-side models, the Summary table no longer refreshes on save. I tried rerendering the table component (using


as I’d learned from others in the community), but that didn’t seem to do it.

Some possibly relevant details and/or questions people might have: All 4 MP Detail tables are tied to the parent via context conditions, with the aggregate table using the parent alias rather than field name. While all 3 basic models have the parent condition set and are queried using get more rows via before-load drawer actions (per the steps in the drawer component Skuid tutorial), I found that I could not do that with the aggregate model. “Get more” would lead to the aggregate model repeating rows on requery, since the table was already loaded once the drawer was opened. Instead, I have the aggregate model queried on page load, with a condition that the details’ parent ID is in the Marking Period (parent) model.

When testing with models processed client side, page caching was enabled (and disabled when server side).

I am using Skuid version 9.5.6.

Here’s part 1 asking about a different issue that I am simultaneously seeing in my drawers (but then, don’t we all have issues in our drawers?).