override field metadata!!!

Love it! Haven’t used it yet, but planning on it for sure!

Some strange combinations can be made too! Picklist rendered as DateTime Formula. Huh!?!?!

We do limit the metadata available for metadata overrides - but once you go to formula any output should be possible.  Think of this formula. 

If ({{PicklistValue}}, Today(), {{CreatedDate}})  

Then the date output is totally appropriate.  

Ok guys, what are we talking about here?  Is there now a way to override field metadata via the builder?

Sweet, thanks Pat!

Nice use case today - I wanted to have a checkbox checked by default on new records. Normally I would have done this with a condition, and created a separate model for NewObject. But, I wanted this to work with new records created inline in a table, so Override Field Metadata, et voila!