Order of Execution For Record Create from Table List vs Salesforce UI - Workflow Not Updating

Is the order of execution for creating new records via Skuid table the same as if I created it in UI? I have a Salesforce Workflow that fires a Flow Trigger and updates some Custom Object fields but I get different results if I create the record using Skuid vs. in Salesforce UI.

Use case is that I want to take 2 values in the newly created record and perform some calculations on them and update 2 other fields in same record. When using Skuid, those newly created fields keep returning as “blank” BUT if I create same record using Salesforce the correct values are in those fields and workflow updates accordingly??

I think I’ve seen this before with Workflow Field Updates, the issue is that the Workflow Field Updates take just “long enough” to run to “miss the boat” before Skuid sends data back down to your browser. The easy way to fix this is to add a Model Action on your page that forces the the Model to re-query itself immediately after the Model is Saved — in my experience the amount of time you have to wait for the Workflow Field Update to “finish” is infinitesimal, so using a Model Action to re-query the Model immediately after the Model finishes saving will pull in the latest, workflow-updated data.

Thanks much for reply Zach and your solution is good to know for future, but I was actually talking about a reverse scenario (it wasn’t clear in my post).

I’m creating the records with Skuid. When the Salesforce Workflow fires it doesn’t see the data in the newly created fields. It knows enough to fire the workflow but according to SF the fields are blank. After record commits all the data is there.

So it appears that somehow the workflow is firing before the fields are populated? If I create exact same records using SF UI all is fine.

Hi Darrell,

This is quite strange behavior. I would have to see this happening live to be able to provide any other advice. If you can Grant Login Access to Skuid Support and provide the Org Id where this is happening and some steps to replicate (e.g. what page to go to, what sort of record to create) then we can see if we can suggest any possible solutions.


I just sent some info to the Skuid Support for this, thanks.