Non-mobile responsive table scroll In page include in sliding panel on mobile Safari

I have a table that I want to see in Mobile Safari as a table for certain reasons instead of mobile cards. It works great when viewing the page directly, however, I need to include it as a page include in a sliding panel. When I do that, the scroll doesn’t work. It is frozen in it’s page load position.

Skuid 12.4.6


Sounds like a bug to me.

  • Hi Raymond, are you still experiencing this issue?

    Are you using Safari on iphone or iPad?

  • Are you using api v1 or v2?

I recommend upgrading to the latest version of Spark U3 or Boston in sandbox and seeing if that resolves the issue. If you still experience the issue after upgrading, please follow the best practices for creating a test page and paste the page XML here. Thanks!


I don’t even recall what page it was now. I worked around it and moved on. One thing that it may have been freezing columns. I may have frozen the first 3 columns (for example) and then in mobile only three columns would show so it would seem like the table is frozen. If it happens again, I’ll let you know.