New help creating a skuid page that always opens with a NEW record

I am creating an online form that people can fill out through our salesforce sites. I am making a skuid wizard to run them through the steps that they need to complete the form. On the first page it will say something like:

Welcome to our online enrollment system, would you like to enroll?

I am hoping to put a button there that they can push that will create a new record (An enrollment intake form) that they will fill in the fields for through the next steps in the process. 

I need help with this button. Do I need a snippet? Any suggestions?

The wizard buttons can do multiple actions. You will need to add a model to your page that is set to not load records on page load. Then on your first wizard button you will add an action to create a new row on your model then a second action to navigate to the next step of your wizard. On the second step of the wizard you will add the fields from your model that you want the user to complete in that step. Do the same for step 3 and step 4 and so on. At some point in the process, one of your buttons will need to be a save button so that the user’s answers are saved. You could do it all at the end or have it save the record at the end of each step