Model is not updating after being populated via address validation service


I am running into an issue with my first Skuid project. I am creating a site page which will be used as an inbound marketing form. I have integrated an address validation service into the Skuid page which will populate an address after the user starts typing in a few characters and selects their address from a list.

The issue that I am running into is that the Skuid model is not updated after the address validation service populates the fields on the form. I can only get the Skuid model to update if a user types a value into the form. The result is once the model is saved and committed to Salesforce only the fields that a user typed in are actually included on the record. 

This issue is somewhat hard to describe via text, so I have recorded a short 2:48 demo (link below).

I appreciate the help. 



I’ve built something similar now and was able to see the behaviour, but could not reproduce the issue of not updating the model. 
I feel like this has to be something with the auto fill in/address validation service or the fields not recognising the entries made by the service. 

How does this work? Is this being entered with a running script?



Hi Janick,

I have an in-line script in Skuid that, among other things, loads a PCAPredict script onto the page which provides the address validation feature. 

I agree, it definitely seems like the auto fill in from PCAPredict is for some reason not triggering the fields to update the model. 

I know I can grab the value of the fields using JS on a script that runs once the form is submitted and then manually update the model. I’m just hopeful there is a more elegant way to handle this issue. 

Oh, and since this is a public site page I could provide a link to the page if you like. Of course the page is running in a sandbox since it is currently in development. I wasn’t sure what your policy was on sharing URLs in the forum. 

Thanks for the help!


Hi Tim, if you wouldn’t mind sharing the URL of the page you’re working on, it would be helpful. We don’t have a policy against sharing things like that, especially if it will help us get to the bottom of an issue. 

Hi Mark,

The URL is I’m sure you can tell by the Bacon Ipsum that this page is hooked up to a sandbox and is currently in development. Feel free to enter test submissions as needed. 

Also, please note I recently set several address fields to required on the form. If you select an address to be auto populated via PCA Predict you will notice that upon save it will now notify you that the required field has no value. Of course this is because the actual value is not saved to the model. 

Thank you for your help. 

Hi Tim -

This is Joseph and I’m with Addrexx.  We just completed an integration of our address validation solution for with a skuid page.  Please feel free to contact me if you would like to use our solution.  We can provide a plug and play solution option for domestic and international address validation.



Hey Tim,

Have you been able to implement this feature? Can we further assist you in any way?



Hey Janick,

I was able to complete this project. I ended up pulling the values off of the fields via JS and then manually updating the model with the values. 



Great to hear and definitely a good solution! Thanks for your feedback and have a great day!