model condition using parent object's formula field not working in partner community unless lookup

This is a very strange problem that had an even stranger solution, but just in case anyone else comes across this, hopefully you don’t have to spend 10 hours on it like I did.

Scenario: model on MyObject__c custom object has a condition “MyObject2__c.FormulaCheckbox__c != true”. Works fine in standard salesforce, but in a Partner Community I was getting the error “java.sql.SQLException: ORA-00936: missing expression” 
Could be related to this known issue:…

The error went away when I made the MyObject2__c field on the MyObject__c page layout a required field and then refreshed the fields on the MyObject__c model in the skuid page. 

Jack, thank you for sharing this with the Community. This might be obvious to some, but for my sake, do you mind clarifying whether you made the  MyObject2__c field required in Skuid page layout, or the Salesforce page layout? 

Salesforce page layout, but that didn’t actually solve it like I thought. I had to make the relationship master-detail instead of lookup and then it worked. Also confirmed it’s a known issue in Spring ‘18, it appears to have been fixed in Summer ‘18 if results in that sandbox are accurate

Jack, thanks for closing the loop on the pending resolution in Summer '18!