Model Condition: Field from another model - Basic Model from Aggregate Model

I have created an aggregate model that sums up the number of minutes from various activities performed over the previous quarter. I then created a basic model that I am trying to create a condition on so that it will only display records that have a field equal to the field in the aggregate model. On Page load, I get this error: “null argument for JSONGenerator.writeString() An Unexpected error has occured. Your solution provider has been notified. (System)” If I try this instead with another basic model instead of an aggregate model, it works fine. Is there an issue with using “field from another model” condition with Aggregate Models?

I got it after a lot of trial and error. Seems like an issue with page builder. It wasn’t adding the alias name from the aggregate model grouping into the condition parameters. I hacked the the xml and replaced the object field name with the aggregate field alias and it worked.


Sorry for the trouble this caused; you’re absolutely correct. Right now the only way to get field from another model conditions to work from an aggregate model is to change the mergefield property of the condition to the alias name instead of the field name in the XML. We’ll let you know when a future release fixes this.