Millau upgrade- Update out of Date Themes

We are testing upgrade to Millau. Our pages look completely differently after clicking on the Update out of Date Themes button. Do you recommend this step for the upgrade and then tweak/fix existing custom theme or not using the update button at all?



The procedure you followed is correct. With each Skuid release you should always click the “Update out of Date Themes” button. If you don’t, you risk running into unusual display behavior. 

Couple Questions:

  • If you return to the themes list does the “Update out of Date Themes” button still show?
  • What Skuid release are you upgrading from? 

Thanks for confirming!

  1. The button disappears after clicking it once.
  2. Rockaway

I ran into similar issues with Broolyn test upgrade and stopped the upgrade due to other functional issues. 

I think I will have to tweak our custom theme (tab set different bg color, margin, bottom borders for all form fields) built a few years back. Is that the correct path for upgrading with custom theme Rockaway?

Well, it successfully upgraded the theme. Unfortunately, I think you are in manual theme update land at this point. It is a sizable leap from Rockaway to Millau. I’ll post if I come up with another solution.