Millau 11.02 Panels and Page Includes Interactions

This is a question with an answer.  In Millau 11.02 some of my Queue on click interactions were no longer working.  The Queue record would be clicked but nothing would be passed.  After trail an error I noticed that if I simply deleted the interaction and refilled it in with the exact same data it would work again.  I hadn’t upgraded for a couple releases so that may be why. But simply recreating the interaction seemed to solve the problem over and over. 

This also worked for an interaction “Run a Skuid JavaScript Snippet” with the name of the snippet.  Only two fields but simply deleting it and recreating it solved the problem. 

Thank you for posting this. I’m hopeful it will be helpful to others.

Is this an expected or known behavior?  We have 300+ pages.  That’s a lot of queues and javascript actions to recreate.  Is this something we need to plan on for our upgrade to Millau?

It is not expected behavior. We haven’t seen this anywhere else.

To help narrow down the issue and to show it was not a fluke I reenacted the event. I loaded up some old XML preMillau. Sure enough the on click interaction wasn’t working. So I switched to XML and copied the old XML into word. Switched back into Page Builder and deleted the on click interaction and then recreated it using the exact same interaction.

This section is word for word the same pre Millau and Post Millau.

After deleting the Update Page Include and recreating it and clicking save the page worked perfectly. No other changes were made. I jumped into the XML of the working page and copied it into word. I converted both word documents into PDF and used Adobe PDF Pro to do a side by side comparison. Here are the results.

In the pre Millau xml the code was simply “”
After deleting and recreating the code changed to

My assumption is that the version I created the XML in was pre swipe and tap so no definition of the interaction type was needed. Post Millau it was needed because there were now choices. But the net affect was breaking every page include interaction throughout all my pages.

That is just my guess though. Smarter people than I can make that judgment but this is what I found under the covers.

Hope this helps!

In playing with this I found another way to fix the problem. When I first load my pre Millau page it looks like this.

Notice the Interaction has the finger icon but it simply says “Interaction” NOT CLICK.

If I click on the “Update Page Include” it still says interaction.

However, if I click on the “Interaction” text it immediately switches it to Click.

If I hit save the page starts working.

So really, I don’t think you would need to delete the “Update Page Include” you really just need to click on “Interaction” so it switches to “Click” and save the page.

But for sure, user intervention, although minimal, is required depending on when and what version you built your pages in. It looks like this update came in Skuid Brooklyn * [SKUID-2419] - Support for Skuid Mobile “Interactions” (tap, swipe, etc.) in Skuid Desktop.

It is an easy check though. Simply load one of your queue page includes and see if it says Interaction or Click.

Interesting note and then I am done for the morning. Some pages say with an s in the XML even though it says Interaction in page builder (and Auto switches to Click when clicked on). These pages with seem to work fine without intervention. It is the pages that say “” in the XML that seem to be breaking on the update.

Nice sleuthing, Rich!!  

Bump - Per Rich’s findings, this is still an issue.

What version did you upgrade from? I have not been able to reproduce this issue.

I think I was upgrading from Rockaway 13.1.  I skipped a couple because I didn’t have a Sandbox yet to test things and things were stable for our use case at the time.  Glad to be back on top and stable.