Management of themes - Button for upgrading out-of-date themes is missing - [IR115702]


Since updating Skuid to version 12.2.15, the button for upgrading out-of-date themes is missing:

Please advise. To our knowledge, we did not change any permissions. Skuid’s themes were updated by installing 12.2.15, as shown in the image, and our custom themes remained unchanged as expected. But the button for upgrading own themes is nevertheless missing.

Hi Frank,

Can you check the last modified date for your custom themes? If your custom themes have been updated recently, you would not see the option to update out date themes. Also, if you want to be sure your custom themes are up to date, simply go into each custom theme, make any small change and revert it so you get the option to Save the theme. Once you Save it, it will be updated in the same way this button would.