Lookup Field Search Question

Two questions on lookup fields. 1. Is it possible to set the default on the lookup search popup to more than 5 records? 2. Is it possible to display a file in this table. For instance, we have this file field on a custom object called PDF. I can get the file name or URL on to the table, but it cannot be clicked on. This would allow the user to preview the item before selecting it.


I think your best option is to add a button that opens a popup window.  Shows the records you want in a table.  Just add a row action that updates the lookup field with the Id of the current row.  With the popup, you can control all of these things.



Thanks Bill.   That is a good idea.  Unfortunately the popup table that is behind the magnifying glass is pretty locked down.  In order for the type of customization you are looking for - you’d need a separate action or a custom renderer. 

Thanks Bill. This will work!

Rob, I have looked but haven’t seen anything. Is there a way to grab the onclick for the magnifying glass? Thanks